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... or rather, Labyrinthitis. 




I woke up yesterday and the room was spinning.  The doc diagnosed inflammation of the inner ear, so basically my whole balance is out of whack and I feel permanently drunk, without the fun of actually drinking.

To add insult to injury, the doc gave me anti-nausea tablets (it's actually an anti-psychotic drug, so apparently I'll be relatively sane while taking it, always a bonus) and said NO ALCOHOL while taking the tablets.  So not only do I feel drunk, I can't even have a shot of scotch to make me feel better about feeling drunk...

And she banned me from driving for at least a week. 

In other news, my cat Bailey has either a mild infection or an allergy which makes him sneeze.  And sneeze.  And sneeze.  Apparently he's swallowed a squeaky toy at some point, because every sneeze is preceded by a squeak.  I am not laughing at him at all, nuh-huh. 
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Oh my poor cats...   I've always bought Hartz flea spot-on; our local store hasn't had any for ages so I bought Bob Martins back in October.  My old boy Toffee (he's 15) started scratching about mid-November; he had some sore spots, I asked at the vets and they said if it wasn't fleas (I checked him: there was no sign of fleas at all) then it was probably a food allergy.  I changed his food, got all worried, kept checking him, gave him more Bob Martins just before Christmas - and lo and behold, found flea signs last week!  AND he has a bald spot where the Bob Martins was put on.  I had to wait til now to treat for the fleas as I had just dosed him with the spot-on, so today he's had a dose of flea meds, plus a flea collar, plus all his favourite spots have now been sprayed with flea treatment, AND my other cat Bailey has had a flea tablet which he was NOT IMPRESSED WITH (especially as I sat on his tail as I was holding him down).  

So I have one cat with itchy sore spots and a bald spot on his shoulders; and another cat who isn't speaking to me, and my house smells of flea spray which is not really nasty but... it's definitely a 'smell'.

Bob Martins.  Flea-friendly, apparently.
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Happy New Year!  I would have posted yesterday but I was in a post-NewYearsEveParty coma.  You know, too much food, too much dancing, too little sleep.  Where were we for this wild time?  At my parent's house!  In their 70's but they know how to throw a party!  Go them!

I did emerge for a bit, at least for an hour or so - bye bye David, hello Matt!  I did get a bit teary-eyed, I have to admit.  Of course, I've been a fan since the Tom Baker days, so I've seen a fair few Doctors come and go, but I think Ten's been my favourite by a long way. 

My sister-in-law in America can't watch until tonight, so she rang me begging for the Entire Story With Nothing Left Out.  Tell me everything, she said.  So I did.  At least, I gave her the edited highlights:

I would say there are spoilers under here but - really there aren't... )


Apparently I am an evil, evil person.  She is going to phone me after tonight's episode to tell me this.  It will be approximately 1:00am for me.  I love my sister-in-law.

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I got my eye surgery - OMG I can SEE! It's fabulous! The best *mumble mumble* thousand pounds I've ever spent.

Been absolute chaos ever since - my parents moved house right round the corner from us; the entire house needed renovating so along with still renovating OUR house we've been helping with theirs.

And I started work a month ago; turned in my notice four weeks later. The job I could deal with; the 3-mile round trip on a bicycle because no cars are allowed on the park was just too much. Fine in the nice weather but after two days of sleet and freezing wind, I thought I'd never be warm again. To everyone else who works there: good for you. I admire you. And I will continue to admire you, from afar, while in my nice warm cozy house.
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I'm having my laser eye surgery today.  I'll be getting my SPN 5:03 download around - oh, lunchtime-ish.  Right when I'll be in the middle of my surgery.

I'll be home a couple of hours later, and can't watch my shiny new show. 


I'll be listening to it, with my friend describing the action...

not quite the same, is it?

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Ten days ago I bought a new car, called my insurance company - the RAC (kind of like AAA in the States) - and got cover.  We're military living overseas so we needed the insurance documents to register the car on base and to be able to do little minor things, like, you know, GET GAS.

Soooo - two days later and there are no documents in the mail - there's a nationwide postal strike and all mail is delayed.  I called the RAC, explained the situation, and asked if they could possible e-mail me a cover note.  They said - no, really, they did -

"Sorry, we don't have e-mail access."

WTF?  This is one of the biggest motoring organisations in the UK and they DON'T HAVE E-MAIL???

Hahahaha EPIC FAIL, RAC!!!! )

Wonder if she'll reply?

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I just booked laser eye surgery for the 28th.



On my eyes.

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Sooo - after four months, the new house is still decorated in old-lady colours, except my daughters room which is a lovely lilac.  It's the only room which is finished.  I thought we would get our kitchen done this weekend BUT - we were laying the flooring and suddenly realised that the gorgeous big stone doorstep which is going just inside the door to the garden has to be laid BEFORE the laminate.  So after a good 6 hours solid work, we had to take it all up again.

We suck at planning.

On the plus side, I have 2 more coats of varnish to do and then I never have to varnish again.

....except I still have to paint.

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So, we bought a house. Moved in at the start of May. Aaaaand - it's August, almost September, and the last four months have been one big ugly blur. Jeez, the amount of work it takes to fix up a house!!!

Yellow and green and pink oh my... )

Still, the house is starting to look good, and we finally have some time 'off' to do family-type things (so I can wear out lil'un and put her to bed early and read SPN porn till the early hours, got my priorities straight, uh-huh). 

Except we have to head out tonight for my mum's birthday celebration tomorrow followed by mine on Tuesday, so I will likely be in a drunken stupor for the next four days.  

Ah well, such is life    *g*

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Woo-hoo!  I got a DW account! 

I'm at oriundus.dreamwidth.org/ - yeah, original, I know.

Now off to play with the shiny!pretty...

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