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Bloody vet.  Our usual vet wasn't there so we saw a different one; she doesn't listen, and she can't handle cats.

I told her Bailey won't take tablets.  I told her Jane our usual vet uses the plastic tablet-giving-thingy.  She said "I don't like that" and proceeded to try to give him the tablet with her fingers.  She nearly lost her fingers.  He's sitting there puffed up and hissing and giving her the Devil Glare, so instead of letting him settle down, she puts the tablet in the plastic thing and fucking tries again.  Like he's not stressed enough.  He was SNARLING and attacking her.  So she says she'll just do the examination first and tries to look in his eyes etc and you can see he wants to KILL THE VET.  His ears were flat to his head and he was just pissed as hell.  And then she tried to look in his mouth and she was surprised when he tried to bite her.  No shit, sherlock.

So I said, why don't you hold him and I try?  Because, you know, I have actually managed to give him tablets before.  No, she says, and she gets the vet nurse in to hold him.  He nearly had her fingers AND the nurse's fingers; the nurse was Not Impressed and gave the vet the Evil Eye of Doom before leaving.

Vet decided to give the worming drops on the back of his neck instead.

Smart move, vet.  The only fucking smart move you did through the whole exam.
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... or rather, Labyrinthitis. 




I woke up yesterday and the room was spinning.  The doc diagnosed inflammation of the inner ear, so basically my whole balance is out of whack and I feel permanently drunk, without the fun of actually drinking.

To add insult to injury, the doc gave me anti-nausea tablets (it's actually an anti-psychotic drug, so apparently I'll be relatively sane while taking it, always a bonus) and said NO ALCOHOL while taking the tablets.  So not only do I feel drunk, I can't even have a shot of scotch to make me feel better about feeling drunk...

And she banned me from driving for at least a week. 

In other news, my cat Bailey has either a mild infection or an allergy which makes him sneeze.  And sneeze.  And sneeze.  Apparently he's swallowed a squeaky toy at some point, because every sneeze is preceded by a squeak.  I am not laughing at him at all, nuh-huh. 
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Oh my poor cats...   I've always bought Hartz flea spot-on; our local store hasn't had any for ages so I bought Bob Martins back in October.  My old boy Toffee (he's 15) started scratching about mid-November; he had some sore spots, I asked at the vets and they said if it wasn't fleas (I checked him: there was no sign of fleas at all) then it was probably a food allergy.  I changed his food, got all worried, kept checking him, gave him more Bob Martins just before Christmas - and lo and behold, found flea signs last week!  AND he has a bald spot where the Bob Martins was put on.  I had to wait til now to treat for the fleas as I had just dosed him with the spot-on, so today he's had a dose of flea meds, plus a flea collar, plus all his favourite spots have now been sprayed with flea treatment, AND my other cat Bailey has had a flea tablet which he was NOT IMPRESSED WITH (especially as I sat on his tail as I was holding him down).  

So I have one cat with itchy sore spots and a bald spot on his shoulders; and another cat who isn't speaking to me, and my house smells of flea spray which is not really nasty but... it's definitely a 'smell'.

Bob Martins.  Flea-friendly, apparently.
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Picture this: travelling home from vacation with hubby, daughter and two cats.  Toffee spends the entire 2 hour trip asleep on my lap.  Bailey yowls nonstop for 20 mins as usual then settles down.  All is calm....

...then Bailey starts yowling again.  Long loud mrrrrOOOOOOOOOOOwww type yowling.  Try to calm him down, no go.  He's prowling round the backseat, won't settle, getting more agitated.  Start clock-watching: home in 40 minutes... home in 35 minutes....

Then Bailey jumps on the back window-shelf and we find out exactly why he's yowling.  He needs to GO.  And proceeds to do so. 

I had to hand a plastic bag to daughter and, bless her, she scooped it all up without even a word of complaint.  Bailey settled right down and went to sleep and we had to drive 15 mins to a turn-off so we could dump the bag...

OMG we were trapped, gagging, for 15 mins in a car doing 60 and we couldn't even roll the windows down because, hello, 2 cats loose in the car...

y'all can stop laughing any time, you know...

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