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2011-06-16 08:52 pm

Go Chef go!

We are off to a lovely hotel tomorrow for a Murder Mystery weekend, I have been emailing the organiser to check on the food as I'm on a strictly restricted exclusion diet for allergy/intolerance.  I sent her a looooong list of what I can't have, and the FABULOUS Chef has come back with a complete menu for me; I said I'd be taking soy milk and snacks with me but she said that Chef would take care of me!

I only hope it's as good as I hope!

Meanwhile... I'm looking at the 5-star menu and drooling.  Nom nom nom...
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2011-06-12 12:46 pm
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Dawn chorus

On Weds night I was wide awake, sat up faffing on the computer and watching crap on t.v. until around 3.30am then went to bed and listened to the dawn chorus.  I woke up just before 7am, wide awake.

Thurs evening I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Fell asleep on Steve's shoulder at 9.30pm.

Friday night, wide awake again.  Went to bed at 4am, it was already light out.  Fell asleep, I dunno, sometime after 4; woke up at 6.30 completely wide awake, no chance of getting back to sleep.

Last night, we were at a party but I was knackered by 11pm, went home and woke up at 10 this morning.

WTF is up with my sleep patterns?
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2010-09-02 11:55 pm
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Taking a long break.

I have to take a break.  SPN and fannish stuff and lj are taking over my life.  I need to take a few months to breathe, to find my RL self again.
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2010-02-26 11:53 am
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need........ air..........

Oy.  Had a nasty asthma attack yesterday, I could NOT stop wheezing.  Phoned the doc after my usual meds didn't work, I'm now on oral steroids plus a horrible inhaler that gives me tremors.  Plus side: they worked.  Minus: I have to stay on them for five days.  Yay.

We did finally get my dad his birthday dinner, made him a fab cake and the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to him.  It was worth the wait.
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2010-02-15 02:28 pm
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Dear Life: Give us a break. Love, me. x

It's half term, and I was planning on lots of nice things, taking my daughter out for lovely trips and the buying of shiny!pretties and maybe the seeing of the seals again because they are Of The Cute.  AND it was my dad's birthday last week and we had planned a lovely meal at his favourite restaurant.

All plans are buggered.  Cancelled or postponed.  Because my uncle is in hospital and I don't have a car for half-term week )

I need to find something fun to do.
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2010-01-19 09:01 pm
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... or rather, Labyrinthitis. 




I woke up yesterday and the room was spinning.  The doc diagnosed inflammation of the inner ear, so basically my whole balance is out of whack and I feel permanently drunk, without the fun of actually drinking.

To add insult to injury, the doc gave me anti-nausea tablets (it's actually an anti-psychotic drug, so apparently I'll be relatively sane while taking it, always a bonus) and said NO ALCOHOL while taking the tablets.  So not only do I feel drunk, I can't even have a shot of scotch to make me feel better about feeling drunk...

And she banned me from driving for at least a week. 

In other news, my cat Bailey has either a mild infection or an allergy which makes him sneeze.  And sneeze.  And sneeze.  Apparently he's swallowed a squeaky toy at some point, because every sneeze is preceded by a squeak.  I am not laughing at him at all, nuh-huh. 
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2009-09-28 09:14 am
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What does SPN 5:03 sound like?

I'm having my laser eye surgery today.  I'll be getting my SPN 5:03 download around - oh, lunchtime-ish.  Right when I'll be in the middle of my surgery.

I'll be home a couple of hours later, and can't watch my shiny new show. 


I'll be listening to it, with my friend describing the action...

not quite the same, is it?

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2009-09-16 01:58 pm
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I just booked laser eye surgery for the 28th.



On my eyes.