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...my 16yo daughter may have discovered my LJ.

On the bright side, she already reads slashy porny fanfic, so there won't be many surprises in here.

On the not-so-bright side, it's probably a bit disturbing that I'm considering that a 'plus'.
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Wow.  Two years.  It doesn't seem that long ago, in some ways.  In others, it's a lifetime.

Ah well.

Current fandoms:
Supernatural (of course - the original and the best!)
Teen Wolf (currently just started watching Season 2)
And sort-of-Arrow, in that The Other Half is watching it and I'm sort of being dragged along for the ride.

Oh, and I have tickets to Asylum in May, which I may be slightly excited about.  Just a bit.
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We are off to a lovely hotel tomorrow for a Murder Mystery weekend, I have been emailing the organiser to check on the food as I'm on a strictly restricted exclusion diet for allergy/intolerance.  I sent her a looooong list of what I can't have, and the FABULOUS Chef has come back with a complete menu for me; I said I'd be taking soy milk and snacks with me but she said that Chef would take care of me!

I only hope it's as good as I hope!

Meanwhile... I'm looking at the 5-star menu and drooling.  Nom nom nom...
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Bloody vet.  Our usual vet wasn't there so we saw a different one; she doesn't listen, and she can't handle cats.

I told her Bailey won't take tablets.  I told her Jane our usual vet uses the plastic tablet-giving-thingy.  She said "I don't like that" and proceeded to try to give him the tablet with her fingers.  She nearly lost her fingers.  He's sitting there puffed up and hissing and giving her the Devil Glare, so instead of letting him settle down, she puts the tablet in the plastic thing and fucking tries again.  Like he's not stressed enough.  He was SNARLING and attacking her.  So she says she'll just do the examination first and tries to look in his eyes etc and you can see he wants to KILL THE VET.  His ears were flat to his head and he was just pissed as hell.  And then she tried to look in his mouth and she was surprised when he tried to bite her.  No shit, sherlock.

So I said, why don't you hold him and I try?  Because, you know, I have actually managed to give him tablets before.  No, she says, and she gets the vet nurse in to hold him.  He nearly had her fingers AND the nurse's fingers; the nurse was Not Impressed and gave the vet the Evil Eye of Doom before leaving.

Vet decided to give the worming drops on the back of his neck instead.

Smart move, vet.  The only fucking smart move you did through the whole exam.
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On Weds night I was wide awake, sat up faffing on the computer and watching crap on t.v. until around 3.30am then went to bed and listened to the dawn chorus.  I woke up just before 7am, wide awake.

Thurs evening I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Fell asleep on Steve's shoulder at 9.30pm.

Friday night, wide awake again.  Went to bed at 4am, it was already light out.  Fell asleep, I dunno, sometime after 4; woke up at 6.30 completely wide awake, no chance of getting back to sleep.

Last night, we were at a party but I was knackered by 11pm, went home and woke up at 10 this morning.

WTF is up with my sleep patterns?
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...your daughter slaps a sticker on your forehead when you're waving her off to school, and an hour later you look in the mirror and wonder what the hell the square blue thing on your face is.
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I have a Kindle!  I worked flat out for a month to get enough money to replace our boiler which is 17 years old and clunky and will not see the summer out.  And then I thought, fuck it, I am going to spend some of it on ME.

So I have a Kindle.  And many, many downloads, including some classics I have been meaning to read for years - Kim and Dorian Gray and Ulysses and lots of others which are FREE!

Aaand I have had it for four hours and may have already sullied it with porny fanfic interesting tidbits.

I win.
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The sun is shining, it is a glorious May day, and I only have to work for one more week!  You know when you have that incredible lightness-of-being feeling?

That.  Just that.

I am taking my daughter out to a gorgeous National Trust house with a huge woodland walk, there may be some highly-frowned-upon paddling in the little stream, and I'm sure there will be an enormous unhealthy ice cream at some point. 

I have decided my self-imposed hiatus from all fannish and lj-based activities can be relaxed a bit, as it's been over a year since I pulled an all-nighter reading a fic that I just could not put down.  It has been a hell of a year, family-and-friends-wise, both good and bad but mainly bad.  But things are now back on track and apart from the usual too-many-bills-not-enough-money, everything is looking up.

And to celebrate being 'back', I have to rec Dies Irae by AlchemyAlice. This is the way the Apocalypse should have been. 
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I have to take a break.  SPN and fannish stuff and lj are taking over my life.  I need to take a few months to breathe, to find my RL self again.
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Took my daughter to my parents holiday home, we all had a fabulous time with far too much food and fun.  My husband even got to spend the last few days with us - almost the first time I've seen him in five weeks as he's been off working around the country (and staying in 5 star hotels but lets not go there, not jealous at all, nuh-huh...)

Anyway, we all came home on Thursday and planned to have a good friend (almost a sister; her mum died several years ago and she's my mum's 'second daughter') over to stay for the weekend along with her daughter, finishing with a huge family meal hosted by yours truly tomorrow.

Friend turned up last night with Big News.  She is filing for divorce. 

I can't say it's totally unexpected; her husband is a workaholic, hardly ever at home, and has worked abroad for the past 18 months - by choice.  He had an affair 3 years ago with my friend's Best Friend.  Well, ex-BF now of course.  He has now informed her that when he comes home next month, he will be staying for 3 years then is leaving to go back to America and wants her to give up her job, wants their daughter to leave her school (then aged 17), wants to sell their house, and all to drop everything and go there to be with him.  She has told him where to stick his nice idea.

After much wine and many tears, her and her daughter are both tucked up in bed in our house and I'm just - sick to my stomach.  I saw it coming, but it still feels like I've been kicked.  And tomorrow is our big family dinner.  Woo hoo. That will be just so cheery.  We still have to break the news to my parents.

I haven't had nearly enough Scotch yet to begin processing this.  There is half a bottle calling my name right now.
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